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4 Weeks

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Visual Identity  



Project Summary


Our mission was to visually capture Dani & Louise's passion for storytelling and artisan craftsmanship, transforming their love for travel and videography into a distinguished brand that resonates with their audience.


Together with Dani & Louise, we crafted a bespoke visual identity including a logo that seamlessly integrates a heron bird with cinematic elements, a vibrant color palette, elegant fonts, brand guidelines, and a captivating logo animation. This comprehensive package reflects their narrative vision and sets them apart in the videography industry.


The project empowered Dani & Louise with a recognizable brand that enhances their professional image and boosts their confidence in showcasing their work. It has not only aligned their visual presence with their creative ambitions but also strengthened their ability to attract and engage clients who appreciate their unique storytelling approach.


Services rendered included logo design, visual identity creation, brand guidelines, business cards, business collateral, logo animation, and custom merchandise/uniform designs.


Dani & Louise's Journey

Imagine a dynamic duo fueled by wanderlust and a knack for storytelling—meet Dani & Louise, the passionate travelers turned videographers from Scotland. What started as captivating Instagram reels showcasing their global adventures quickly evolved into a bold ambition: turning their love for videography into a full-fledged business.

With a growing audience eager for more, Dani & Louise envisioned creating cinematic masterpieces that not only inspire but also celebrate the artistry of artisan businesses. However, they faced a challenge—they needed a professional visual identity to match their creative prowess and elevate their brand in the competitive world of videography.

Compelling Event

Aiming Higher

Enter HIVALDESIGN, the creative powerhouse that Dani & Louise turned to for help. They were determined to establish themselves as more than just skilled videographers; they wanted a visual identity that resonated with their audience—a brand that exuded uniqueness, cinematic flair, and a touch of vintage charm.

With no prior experience in brand creation, they sought a partner who could translate their passion into a cohesive visual narrative that would set them apart in the industry. This was not just about a logo or a color scheme; it was about crafting a brand that would anchor their journey from Instagram reels to full-scale documentaries.

The Process

Crafting Dani & Louise's Visual Identity

Our journey with Dani & Louise began with a spirited Discovery Session where we delved into their vision, aspirations, and the essence of their brand. Through thought-provoking questions and collaborative brainstorming, we identified key attributes—unique, cinematic, storytelling—that would define their brand identity. Inspired by their love for nature and videography, Dani & Louise were adamant about incorporating a heron bird into their logo, symbolizing grace, focus, and a sense of direction in their storytelling. Armed with this inspiration, we curated a moodboard that captured their aesthetic preferences—bold reds, elegant fonts, and a hint of nostalgia.

From sketchpad to digital canvas, we meticulously crafted logo concepts that fused the heron bird seamlessly with cinematic elements, finally settling on a design that encapsulated their narrative vision. With fonts chosen to evoke both modernity and timeless appeal, and a color palette that spoke volumes about their adventurous spirit, we developed a comprehensive visual identity system. This included not just the logo, but also brand guidelines and a captivating logo animation that would leave a lasting impression on their audience.

The Outcome

Symbolic Splendor

What emerged from this creative collaboration was more than just a logo—it was a visual story waiting to be told. Our bespoke logo design ingeniously integrated the heron bird into the familiar clapboard shape, symbolizing not just filmmaking precision but also the journey and direction Dani & Louise envisioned for their business. Complementing this, the visual identity system breathed life into their brand, offering a cohesive palette of colors and fonts that echoed their passion for storytelling and artisan craftsmanship. The custom logo animation added a dynamic flair, ready to grace the beginnings of their productions and YouTube channel with cinematic finesse.

The Impact

Impressions that Last

With their new visual identity in hand, Dani & Louise experienced a transformative shift in their business journey. No longer just videographers, they now proudly stamped their cinematic creations with a brand that spoke volumes about their professionalism and creative spirit.

Their confidence soared as they showcased their work online and offline, knowing their brand’s appearance mirrored their dedication and artistic vision. Clients and viewers alike could easily connect with Dani & Louise’s brand, making it a memorable presence in the competitive videography landscape.


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