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Holiwork Stays


Simeon & Sonya


1 Week

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Visual Identity



Project Summary


Modernizing Holiwork Stays' Visual Identity

Our mission was to modernize Holiwork Stays' visual identity, crafting a look that matched their upscale accommodations and appealed to corporate clients.


Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity

In collaboration with Simeon and Sonya, we created a sleek logo featuring intertwined house rooftops cleverly forming the letter "H", a versatile brand pattern, and a comprehensive visual identity system. We also designed business cards, website heroes, and more to ensure their brand stood out at every touchpoint.


Propelling Professionalism and Success

The project catapulted Holiwork Stays into a new league of professionalism, enhancing their appeal to corporate partners and setting them apart in the competitive travel and accommodation sector.


Comprehensive Services Rendered

Services rendered included logo design, brand pattern creation, brand guidelines development, business collateral design, website hero creation, and advertising design.


Embracing Modernity

Meet Simeon and Sonya, the dynamic duo behind Holiwork Stays, your go-to for chic accommodations in Plovdiv. They cater to digital nomads and savvy business travelers who crave not just a place to stay, but a space that fuels productivity. Picture sleek apartments with everything from ergonomic chairs to lightning-fast Wi-Fi, making them a haven for anyone balancing work and wanderlust.

Until recently, though, their visual game wasn't quite matching their stellar services. Rocking a family logo that spoke volumes to them but not to their expanding clientele, they knew it was time for a change. They were ready to level up, aiming to impress big-time corporations and elevate their professional image.

Compelling Event

The Quest for a Spot-On Visual Identity

As their business soared, so did their aspirations. Simeon and Sonya realized their trusty family logo wasn't cutting it anymore. It was time to swap sentimental for sensational, to show the world they meant business – quite literally.

They sought a visual identity that screamed sophistication and professionalism, one that could stand tall beside the big players in the corporate arena. Armed with a clear vision and a timeline tighter than a business class seatbelt, they turned to us, HIVALDESIGN, for a solution that would make heads turn and contracts sign.

The Process

Crafting a Signature Look in Record Time

With deadlines tight and ambitions high, we dived in headfirst. Harnessing their vision and our creative chops, we swiftly navigated through concepts and color palettes. Our eureka moment? A logo that cleverly wove the letter "H" into sleek house rooftops, connected by a symbolic chimney – a nod to both hospitality and home. This gem not only ticked their boxes but sparkled with a modern flair they craved.

With lightning speed, we rolled out a full suite of brand elements: from a vibrant brand pattern echoing our logo's geometry to typography that oozed elegance. We decked out everything from business cards to website heroes, ensuring every touchpoint spoke their new language of success.

The Outcome

A Visual Symphony of Modernity

Behold the new face of Holiwork Stays – a seamless blend of sophistication and approachability. Our logo, with its clean lines and clever symbolism, instantly resonates as their stamp of quality. The brand pattern? A visual dance that harmonizes across every application, from digital screens to gift boxes. Their business collateral? Now as polished as their apartments, leaving lasting impressions on every client and collaborator. And let's not forget the website hero and advertising designs – gateway pieces that beckon visitors into a world where style meets substance.

The Impact

Elevating Professional Perceptions

Since unleashing their new visual identity, Simeon and Sonya have noticed more than just glances – they've attracted serious business. Their modern makeover has positioned them not just as players, but as trendsetters in their niche.

With a cohesive brand guideline in hand, they confidently apply their new look across all fronts, earning respect and recognition from partners and patrons alike. No longer just a place to stay, Holiwork Stays is now a statement of refined living and working – a brand that means business in every sense.


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